Investment Guides

Foreign Investment Act

The "Foreign Investment Act” is the primary legislation that governs foreign direct investment in Namibia. It guarantees equal treatment for foreign investors and Namibian firms including, among others, fair compensation in the event of expropriation, international arbitration of disputes between investors and the government and special tax incentives.

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Doing Business in Namibia 2017

"Doing Business” is a sheds to Compare the Business Regulation for Domestic Firms in 190 Economies

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Namibia Trade Directory 2016

The Namibia Trade Directory is at the forefront of the Namibian Government’s information campaign to market Namibia and its products to the potential investor, and is the pillar of information dissemination to the private-sector. .

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Minerals Policy of Namibia

The Minerals Policy of Namibia sets out the guiding principles and direction of Namibia’s mining sector, to attract private sector driven exploration and in which mining companies can thrive.

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How to Register a Business in Namibia

This booklet explores how the choice of business entity may be important to you as a business person. This guide is designed to be your introduction to companies and close corporation registration procedures and requirements.

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Investment Projects and Opportunities

This document describes Namibia´s investment projects and opportunities in the sectors of Agriculture, Aquaculture, Energy, Infrastructure, Manufacturing, Mining, Services and Tourism.

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Namibia’s Export Processing Zone

Namibia adopted the Export Processing Zones as a legal framework for promoting export-led industrialization of the highly primary sector-driven national Economy, giving companies a range of internationally competitive advantages.

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Who's Who Namibia – Engineering

Namibia’s only publication focusing on the engineering industry of Namibia.

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A Business and Investment Guide to Namibia

General guide on business and investment practices in Namibia.

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Special Incentives for Manufacturers & Exporters

Description of the incentive policy created for manufacturers and exporters in Namibia. iniciar um negócio na Namíbia, no que respeita a licenças, contratos, crédito, impostos, leis laborais, entre outros.

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Namibia: Gem With Investing in

It characterizes Namibia, describing its population, productive sectors, etc., as well as the special incentives created towards foreign investment in the country.

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