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About cookies

Cookies are small text files stored by the website in your computer or mobile device through the browser. Cookies identify your device on a next visit to the website.

What are cookies for

Cookies are used to manage websites, notably to improve their efficiency and provide website owners’ information and preferences of the websites’ users. Storing cookies allows a faster and more efficient browsing, avoiding the need for providing the same information constantly.

Which cookies do we use uses various types of cookies, each with its purpose:

Essential cookies – used to ensure the proper functioning of the website;

Functional cookies – used to store user’s information, avoiding the need for typing the same information again;

Session cookies – these cookies are temporary and are stored in your browser until you leave the website.

The purpose of these cookies is obtaining information about errors and providing a better experience when browsing the website;

Analytic cookies – used to analyse how users browse our website, identifying browsing trends for statistic purposes and improvements;

We store cookies for 2 years starting from the end of the browsing session.

Controlling and blocking cookies

Most browsers permit the control of cookies in its preferences. However, controlling the use of cookies may limit the browsing experience in our website.


We may, at any time, without the need for any prior notice and with immediate effects, amend, update or remove, totally or partially, this information about cookies.

The user shall consult regularly this information in order to confirm if it has been subject to amendments or updates.

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