Investment Opportunities

Namibia has been over the years, a reference on the African continent, having a range of benefits and tax advantages for foreign companies looking for business opportunities in the country.

The Namibian Government and private sector are seeking partners in realizing identified viable projects and business opportunities on a mutually beneficial basis. In July 2012, the Fourth National Development Plan (NDP4) was launched, which will guide policies through 2017. Economic growth, job creation, and increased income equality are the three overarching objectives of NDP4.

It proposes to achieve these objectives through industrial policies to stimulate growth in tourism, regional trade logistics, agriculture and manufacturing (primarily through greater processing of primary commodities). Reducing extreme poverty and improving education, health, infrastructure, and the business environment enter into NDP4 as "basic enablers” that support the economic priorities.

NDP4 presents ten "desired outcomes,” each accompanied by an indicator for measuring attainment of the outcome, broad strategies expected to achieve the outcome, and a ministry that will serve as the champion.

Why invest in Namibia?

  • Peace, stability and good governance
  • First world road, rail and air infrastructure
  • Excellent telecommunications network
  • Wide inter-continental market access
  • Liberal investment regime
  • Stable labour environment
  • Generous investment regimes
  • Fast, efficient and transparent bureaucracy
  • Low inflation
  • Stable foreign exchange reserves
  • Strategically located, low cost and efficient port
  • Young and trainable labour force
  • Good housing and recreational facilities


Mining and Energy
  • Extensive mineral deposits;
  • Diamonds, uranium, gold, copper, lead, zinc;
  • Value-addition encouraged;
  • Manufacturing (jewelry);
  • Semi-precious stones;
  • Good prospects for oil and gas prospecting, exploration and processing.


Agriculture and Agro-industry
  • Investment opportunities exist in value-added local processing of livestock, ostrich farming, crop production and food processing;
  • Good prospects exist for extensive horticulture, such as grapes, olive oil, jojoba and cut flowers;
  • Cotton production.


  • Namibia has rich marine resources and fishing grounds;
  • Mariculture and aquaculture potentials exist;
  • Opportunities exist for fish processing and canning.


  • Spectacular scenery and wildlife;
  • Excellent infrastructure, warm climate and friendly atmosphere;
  • Opportunities in the development of up-market hotels, International conference centres, lodges, game parks, traveling and general hospitality industry.


NAMIBIA FACTS Easy to do Business (Rank Doing Business Report) - 88º