Geingob says 2015 was devoted to Namibian prosperity

January 4, 2016

The year 2015 was devoted to promoting a shared vision and creating a firm foundation to build a prosperous Namibian house, says President Hage Geingob. He made these remarks in his New Year message issued by the Office of the President on Thursday, New Year's Eve. Geingob said his office was in 2015 privileged to gain insight into the aspirations of Namibians by visiting all 14 regions and listening to their challenges and suggestions on challenges they are faced with.

The Head of State and a Government delegation held the consultative dialogue on wealth distribution and poverty eradication in all regions last year, where communities were given an opportunity to interact with those in power and communicate what they think could be done to address poverty in Namibia.

"The town hall meetings, and other forms of engagement, were aimed at including the experiences of all Namibians into Government policies and actions,” Geingob explained. He said his office would continue to engage and consult with stakeholders like farmers, the media, trade unions, the youth, women and the private sector.

These consultations, he noted, would go hand-in-hand with a drive towards the implementation and transformation of workable suggestions into actions, while maintaining an understanding that peace is the ultimate enabler of the prosperity that Namibia wants to achieve.

"There can be no prosperity without peace. Our country faces challenges relating to hunger, provision of decent shelter, youth unemployment and provision of basic social services.”

The President also said the Namibian Government is focused on addressing these challenges. However, its success is incumbent on each Namibian feeling and acting responsibly in the preservation of peace and the implementation of prosperity.

Source: The Namibian